I am grateful.

It is the small things that I am truly grateful for. I am reminded that only through constant appreciation and thankfulness would I be able to find peace and comfort. And it is only if we are grateful, would we not grow to be jealous, angry, or bitter.

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that is in your life is part of you, you have drawn that person into your life.  So, we don’t fix other people, but we fix ourselves to see in other people what we want to see.

This is right. Our expectation to see particular traits from other people certainly brings out the traits themselves. But obviously we are not merely passive reflectors of our environment. For example, some people will drain your energy, others will motivate you. We can, and we should always pick those who are close to us wisely.

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All about you

As I get to know how you look like,

Your voice,

Your scent,

And your name;

As I get to know your phone number,

Where you live,

Your warmth,

And your habits;

As I get to know more and more about you,

I still want to know more;

Because I know I will be loving everything about you,

For no clear reason at all,

And for that, I am afraid.



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Happy Hanami - 花見!


Happy Hanami - 花見!

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